torsdag den 13. maj 2010

Examen time

Right now I'm sitting home with my books and preparing for the examen for  next week. But Im still feeling like I haven't learnt anything. I`m not concentrating,  there is people out side they are making too much noise, they are distracting me. I don`t know what to do right  now so if you think u can help me
please do it. I wont refuse your help because I want to score on my examen with a high point. actually im about to finish party of reading what is remaining now  is to sit down and begin to write and  remember what im going to talk about on my examen fx: make disposition, reading ,  and after I will memorize them, I after I will speak them without looking on paper, for me its   too hard, 

Don't even care about gram mistakes sory

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