søndag den 16. maj 2010

Happiness - The Moving Target

To be very strongly connected... at times I feel its important to be distant... equidistant if you must. How wonderful it would be if I were to not feel things like loathing, disgust, jealousy, envy, (hate is too strong for me so no I don't feel that). I could experience people but they would not upset me. So I wonder what is this insulation material that covers you from head to toes. Protects you from anything that is not good for you and sometimes that even means yourself. The thing about insulation is that it may not even permit those things that should reach you. Say like - praise, compliments (haven't you met people who do not take compliments with grace), affection, love, warmth and so many more... To receive love and all the goodness, I need a soft core but to not get badly bruised, I need a toughness - and I don't want that around my heart... but what is it that normally people do.. the first heartbreak sends us spiralling towards the place where people make cages for the heart... and sadly some of us never ever heal... And then one day long after the day we got hurt, over breakfast and newspaper or while shopping for groceries, books anywhere in a crowded place we realise... we are alone... we are very alone... and then it hits us... if we are lucky... that we led ourselves down this road... So.. my friend I write what I feel in my gut about such things as they never talk about it in schools ... find yourself a road... where sunshine will reach you... where if you fall down, you getup, dust yourself off, say thank you God for teaching me to look before I leap and carry on and don't forget to see the flowers, don't rush... life is short, enjoy the moment, do what makes you happy... and even better... do what makes your loved ones happy... you will my friend then be on a happy road...

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