fredag den 31. august 2012


It is true as the Holly Bible said people will be enemies to one another mother, father and children, goverment against goverment rebellion every where on earth people are killed like an insect why all these can come in our selves ? it's like we don't know what we are doing. when you see those educated person are the one who are bringing wars in these beautiful continets, they are donating billion of dollars for war, please we beg you to give up murdering one another that cannot bring solution for you. world of to day is full of uncountable problems people are engaging in the risk behaviour  and other human destructive, if you remember the event of the 11 september made a major turning point in our world of today in order and human relations. The long term consequences are difficult to predict. We cannot help but wonder where these events will lead. When will it end?  How will it end? In the  midst of uncertainty and treat,  we should not forget that wars are destructive. cause human suffering and devastated the environment.       World of to day is ourselves without our own effort
nothing can change. are you happy those terror or disaster? In terrest the most vulnerable of all  these are  those who don't know anything while donors are sitting  enjoying. 
The war has  forced us to leave our beautiful countries. and I'm also among them we have seen alot of in  exile some are rotting in the prison, kidnapped tortured i was also among them, no place like home, home is home . I my self have seen all these hard trials of WAR,

torsdag den 30. august 2012

Telefon fis med politiet (danish) :-)



When we were still children, they promised us to be the leaders of tomorrow. When we reached
twenties, we were told to be too young to lead.
When we reached the thirties, we were told we lack the necessary experience to lead.
When we calculated forty they us they want young leaders.
When we reached fifties, we were declared to be to be too old to lead.
When we consumed sixty years, they sent us home with empty promises of our pensions colleagues
tell me! what is the truth?

The love of money

The love of money

God made man, man made money money made man mad
this small advanced rectangular piece of paper so called money has created a new world inheritance by lunatics, violence, idol worship, hooliganism  demagogues, vulgarity, immorality and stupidity of the highest order. This wingless cockroach called money , has turned our beautiful planet into a field of chaos and lucurable insanity , sending many money to morgues and many more to mental hospitals.

The love of money has forced man to loose his sense of  honour, his human virtues and dignity and the west of all his character. Money has confused our mind , corrupted our spirits and hardened our hearts. The rich kill by its demand. The poor Robby its command yet many sin by pleasure. It's genesis puzzle and nemesis a sir name is known by none. some call it Kwacha, other Rupee some call it shilling other faranga some call it Naira other Lira, some it Pulla other Dollar. Ah!! What a confuser !!
On countless occasions, young people have left other homes, students have quitted school, marriage vows have been broken, committed x trans have deserted churches , employees have lost their jobs those who were once best friends have become worst enemies, millions are yet to die almost all our instabilities, have always been basically traced to the love of money.
We have committed ourselves to searching for money even grave casts no matter how much we earn, it's never enough however in as much the money we crazed for must be substantial some how some where , we gotta put this ideal behind and face the realities about it, perfectly observed with and imaginative sympathy .
Money can buy money a bed but not sleep. money can buy food but not appetite
money can buy book not wisdom, money can buy  medicine not life, money can buy friendship but not true love
money can buy a house but not peace of home.
money can buy wife but not mother hood. money can buy freedom but not peace of mind.
money can buy praises but not blessings
money can buy forgives but not salvation.

Money can buy passport to everywhere in this world but not to heaven 

I was required to keep this blog as well as a  my facebook for my online journalism class. Honestly, if it weren't for the class, I probably wouldn't have even tried either. Why? Because it's something extra to do, it's change, it's more work... all things I don't like. But I'll tell you what, I actually enjoyed doing this. It was fun to come up with things to write about and nice to see people's responses, whether they were agreeing or disagreeing with me. I appreciate all of you who read and responded to my blogs this semester.

Why am I not continuing it? Because I have way too much going on to keep up with it right now. School, work, holidays, birthdays, family, friends, internships, it's all just too much, especially at this time of year. But maybe some day I'll do it again.

Blogs and other social networking sites can be used for other things other than requirements in classes though. A friend of mine was called and interviewed my Good Morning America because of something she had posted on her twitter. offered me free things for posting about them. And if nothing else, it's good to learn how to do something new while building communication skills.

Some people are so into , they actually make a living off of it, crazy huh? It's certainly not as easy as it sounds... you don't write and then earn a certain amount for each word or post. Earnings depend on how much traffic you get on your site, which of course depends on the subject you're writing about, your writing style, and how well known you are.

I encourage all of you to try it sometime, whether for fun, or professional reasons.

Thanks again.

mandag den 27. august 2012

Long time no see,

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I was busy with a couple of things this recently.  Let me try to get back my blogging momentum as I blog about what I wanted to tell you over here.
What I am busy with technically
First of all, it’s my work that I am working on which I got even more enthusiastic as I found how much more flexible the enterprise content management system really is… I explored further as I found more things that I can do with this system.
Then, I have been busy with learning how to become better in wordpress.  I designed a couple of websites with this system and found it really flexible as a personal content management system.  It is very suitable for small businesses and for personal branding purpose.
Thirdly, I am also busy trying out the Facebook application using FBML and the APIs.  It is really cool to work on it as Facebook is somehow becoming the de facto standard on the Internet for social media platform.
With these three things, I still try to continue my twitter, so you can continue to follow me on for my twitter activities.  I am also trying out Google and have received quite a good number of followers.
What business I am busy with
I am looking at how I can expand my presence in the social media.  I am doing some planning right now.  As I have mentioned previously, I have been learning about Podcasting.  Hence, now I am looking at starting that.
I am thinking of building a community of Internet reviewers who are interested to poll and review some of the things that I will call for.  It might be an interesting thing to begin with.  Do let me know of your views as I build up my business plan correctly.
I’ll leave for now.  I’ll be right back!
I will post new work regularly so check back often. Thanks for looking

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