mandag den 27. august 2012

Long time no see,

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  I was busy with a couple of things this recently.  Let me try to get back my blogging momentum as I blog about what I wanted to tell you over here.
What I am busy with technically
First of all, it’s my work that I am working on which I got even more enthusiastic as I found how much more flexible the enterprise content management system really is… I explored further as I found more things that I can do with this system.
Then, I have been busy with learning how to become better in wordpress.  I designed a couple of websites with this system and found it really flexible as a personal content management system.  It is very suitable for small businesses and for personal branding purpose.
Thirdly, I am also busy trying out the Facebook application using FBML and the APIs.  It is really cool to work on it as Facebook is somehow becoming the de facto standard on the Internet for social media platform.
With these three things, I still try to continue my twitter, so you can continue to follow me on for my twitter activities.  I am also trying out Google and have received quite a good number of followers.
What business I am busy with
I am looking at how I can expand my presence in the social media.  I am doing some planning right now.  As I have mentioned previously, I have been learning about Podcasting.  Hence, now I am looking at starting that.
I am thinking of building a community of Internet reviewers who are interested to poll and review some of the things that I will call for.  It might be an interesting thing to begin with.  Do let me know of your views as I build up my business plan correctly.
I’ll leave for now.  I’ll be right back!
I will post new work regularly so check back often. Thanks for looking

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