fredag den 31. august 2012


It is true as the Holly Bible said people will be enemies to one another mother, father and children, goverment against goverment rebellion every where on earth people are killed like an insect why all these can come in our selves ? it's like we don't know what we are doing. when you see those educated person are the one who are bringing wars in these beautiful continets, they are donating billion of dollars for war, please we beg you to give up murdering one another that cannot bring solution for you. world of to day is full of uncountable problems people are engaging in the risk behaviour  and other human destructive, if you remember the event of the 11 september made a major turning point in our world of today in order and human relations. The long term consequences are difficult to predict. We cannot help but wonder where these events will lead. When will it end?  How will it end? In the  midst of uncertainty and treat,  we should not forget that wars are destructive. cause human suffering and devastated the environment.       World of to day is ourselves without our own effort
nothing can change. are you happy those terror or disaster? In terrest the most vulnerable of all  these are  those who don't know anything while donors are sitting  enjoying. 
The war has  forced us to leave our beautiful countries. and I'm also among them we have seen alot of in  exile some are rotting in the prison, kidnapped tortured i was also among them, no place like home, home is home . I my self have seen all these hard trials of WAR,

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