torsdag den 30. august 2012

The love of money

The love of money

God made man, man made money money made man mad
this small advanced rectangular piece of paper so called money has created a new world inheritance by lunatics, violence, idol worship, hooliganism  demagogues, vulgarity, immorality and stupidity of the highest order. This wingless cockroach called money , has turned our beautiful planet into a field of chaos and lucurable insanity , sending many money to morgues and many more to mental hospitals.

The love of money has forced man to loose his sense of  honour, his human virtues and dignity and the west of all his character. Money has confused our mind , corrupted our spirits and hardened our hearts. The rich kill by its demand. The poor Robby its command yet many sin by pleasure. It's genesis puzzle and nemesis a sir name is known by none. some call it Kwacha, other Rupee some call it shilling other faranga some call it Naira other Lira, some it Pulla other Dollar. Ah!! What a confuser !!
On countless occasions, young people have left other homes, students have quitted school, marriage vows have been broken, committed x trans have deserted churches , employees have lost their jobs those who were once best friends have become worst enemies, millions are yet to die almost all our instabilities, have always been basically traced to the love of money.
We have committed ourselves to searching for money even grave casts no matter how much we earn, it's never enough however in as much the money we crazed for must be substantial some how some where , we gotta put this ideal behind and face the realities about it, perfectly observed with and imaginative sympathy .
Money can buy money a bed but not sleep. money can buy food but not appetite
money can buy book not wisdom, money can buy  medicine not life, money can buy friendship but not true love
money can buy a house but not peace of home.
money can buy wife but not mother hood. money can buy freedom but not peace of mind.
money can buy praises but not blessings
money can buy forgives but not salvation.

Money can buy passport to everywhere in this world but not to heaven 

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