mandag den 10. september 2012


Philosophers say that in harsh to a guilty mind.They also say that it takes all sorts of men to make a World yet they continue to say that a real man is one who can wait can't be tired of waiting but as for me, I'm tired. Everything part of myself is tired. My eyes are tired, tired of seeing the evil deeds of today's World. My brain is tired, tired of thinking worst and groft politicians, who fight for our riches and thirsty for our blood. forcing us to desert our dear mother lands. Only to land in our new homes call them refugees camp, or to be precise open prisons. My lips are tired . Tired of praying for African's Peace.My nostils are tired, tired of smelling of bloods of Innocent people, but most of all aré my ears, tired of hearing the ugliest fact that HIV/AIDS the headed virus celebrating Victory over africans, (to be continue))

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