fredag den 25. januar 2013

How does it feel, to drink alcohol just for fun?
Not just to try and forget, the things you have done.

How does it feel, to sleep undisturbed until the morning?
Instead of being drenched in sweat, waking up screaming.

How does it feel, just to smile at your mistakes?
Consider trading that in, for waking up with shakes.

How does it feel, to live life without sin?
When no pills or medication cures the fever within.

I could tell you how it feel, I could relate it so perfect.
But I ask myself too often, if it´s really worth it. 

I could show you all I see, each time I look in the mirror
My face would tell a story, of endless trial and error.

I could talk about fear, regrets and such for hours.
But you would never listen, I´d be a boring chorus.

I don´t try to scare you, what would the point be?
All I wish for is this: My son won´t be like me.

You will never be like me, it will not come to that.
I´ll never let you down, no matter where I´m at.

You will always have a father, someone to rely upon.
If you stray off the road, I´ll steer you right back on.

You will grow up in peace, to be healthy and strong.
Just do what I did not, and you can never go wrong.

You will be unique, you will be one of a kind.
I will be so proud, knowing you are mine.

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