søndag den 8. november 2015

The Risen of afficted

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Just too little was the hope we had.
Life's battle was too hard to fight.
There was no place to call home , life was filled with shaltered dreams, and future enveloped in completed in muddle.
The competition was fierce and keen, and the land was too hard fight till. 
Scounging seemed to be the only formular of life 
At the end of tunnel. There seemed to be nothing for us.

Yes. we had nothing, left and only nothing not even left overs on the table.
just naked children on the tarred mats, with angry eyes and bullying bellies
no curtains for the windows, and carpets for the muddy floor.
The dry grass made our mattresses, and piece of dry wood made of pillows.
Yes, I only remember only to well the thorny trees of bush, the crisscrossing bush paths.
The chipping of the timid little birds and how we used to run bare foot with our feet full of 
thorns, our pockets full of stones, and catapults in our hands, searching for the birds, and bitter little berries, for our children to eat. we appeared to neither human nor cattle, but something between, nevertheless we united we stood. ind brotherhood we struggled. and look!! by God's might hand, and only by God's love, we rose, rose and rose.

Our destiny controls us no more.
We can now control our destiny.
Let cowards find excuses, for their weakness and failure. but for us victory is inevitable.

We buried the past, we forgot the hurts, we forgave the wrongs, and wiped out blames.
We are now walking ,walking ,walking and walking clear and free into our future.
A future with multiplication, and multiplications of certainties.

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